1688.com is a Chinese B2B online marketplace which primarily serves businesses within China and focusing on the Chinese market.  If you are not familiar with the 1688.com platform, lack experience in the Chinese market, or face challenges related to language and cultural differences, we can streamline the sourcing and procurement process, making it more accessible and efficient for international buyers.
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1688 Sourcing Agent

Our Sourcing Services

Step 1

Supplier Identification and Verification

  • Researching and identifying reliable and reputable suppliers on the 1688 platform.
  • Verifying the legitimacy and credibility of potential suppliers, including checking their business licenses, certifications, and customer feedback.
Step 2

Product Sourcing and Selection

  • Assisting our clients in finding specific products or categories of products that meet their requirements and quality standards.
  • Recommending suppliers and products that align with our client’s needs and budget.
Step 3

Price Negotiation and Sample Inspection

  • Negotiating prices, MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities), and payment terms with selected suppliers on behalf of our client.
  • Arranging for the inspection of product samples to ensure they meet our client’s quality and performance standards before placing bulk orders.
Step 4

Order Management and Logistics

  • Managing the entire procurement process, from order placement to shipping and delivery.
  • Coordinating with suppliers to track order progress, manage production schedules, and handle any issues or discrepancies that may arise.
  • Organizing and overseeing the logistics, including shipping, customs clearance, and delivery to our client’s destination.

1688 Sourcing Agent Paul Sourcing

Why Choose Paul Sourcing?

  • 15% Cheaper than on 1688: We typically consolidate orders from multiple clients, allowing them to place larger and more cost-effective bulk orders with suppliers. This can lead to economies of scale and lower unit costs, which may not be achievable when purchasing smaller quantities directly from 1688.
  • Comprehensive Supply Chain Management: As a sourcing expert, our team can oversee the entire procurement process, from order placement to shipping and delivery. We can handle complex tasks such as customs clearance, shipping logistics, and managing production schedules.

Top Products We Have Sourced on 1688.com

  1. Electronics and Gadgets: This category includes various electronic products, such as smartphones, accessories, laptops, tablets, and other consumer electronics.
  2. Clothing and Fashion: Apparel, including clothing, shoes, and accessories, is a significant category on 1688.com. It covers a wide range of styles and fashion trends.
  3. Home and Kitchen Appliances: Products like kitchen appliances, home decor, and furniture are commonly available on the platform.
  4. Toys and Hobbies: This category includes toys, hobbyist items, and games for both children and adults.
  5. Health and Beauty: Cosmetics, skincare products, and health-related items are also popular on the platform.
  6. Jewelry and Accessories: Various types of jewelry, including fashion jewelry and accessories like watches, are available.
  7. Automotive Parts: Auto parts and accessories are frequently sold on 1688.com.
  8. Sports and Outdoor Equipment: Sporting goods, outdoor gear, and fitness equipment are in demand.
  9. Bags and Luggage: Different types of bags, backpacks, and luggage items are commonly found on the platform.
  10. Machinery and Industrial Equipment: 1688.com is also used by businesses to source machinery and industrial equipment.