Amazon FBA Product Research Tips

Would you like to sell products online and thus build an online business? Then Amazon FBA can be a suitable way for you to sell your products successfully. But which products are best for this? And how do you find the best products? We want to answer these and more questions about “Amazon FBA products” in this article.

What are Amazon FBA Products?

Amazon FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon”. This means that Amazon offers retailers a platform for their products and – depending on the retailer’s request – also takes care of the complete shipping service. Accordingly, Amazon FBA products are all products that are offered on the platform and sold through Amazon’s fulfillment program. Anyone who has already spent some time on the Amazon marketplace and searched for different products knows that almost every physical product is offered there. This in turn offers retailers the advantage of not having to offer their product in their own online shop , but rather using the reach and high visibility of Amazon.

What are good Amazon FBA products?

As already mentioned, you can find almost every product in countless versions on Amazon. Nevertheless, there are products that are better suited to the digital marketplace than others. These products have certain criteria that can promote success.


Over time, it became clear which products are particularly popular on Amazon and sell well. Therefore, the following criteria are an indication of good Amazon FBA products:

  • high demand and high search volume
  • no direct competition with big brands
  • unique and special character
  • is not subject to seasonal demand
  • Balance between cheap and expensive (ideally between 15 euros and 50 euros)
  • relatively cheap to buy, so that a high margin remains
  • simple product that does not require an explanation
  • small and light to keep shipping and storage costs low
  • Safe, insensitive and, if possible, not electronic


One criterion that is particularly important is uniqueness. This means that your products must have a unique selling point , also known as a Unique Selling Point (USP). Something that sets you apart from the competition and attracts customers. In addition, it is wise to think in advance which niche you want to serve with your products. Because by positioning yourself in a certain area, it is easier to act as an expert and get an advantageous position in the market. It also strengthens customer confidence and is therefore an important marketing tool. But be careful: Do not put everything in one single niche, otherwise you can easily be exposed to market fluctuations and declining demand. So make sure that you are still broadly positioned in order to always have products that secure sales in an emergency.

8 tips for product research

Now that you know what properties a good Amazon FBA product has, it is time to start product research. But how do you start? And how do you limit your search to be? These are two essential questions, because the market is big and the competition is strong. Therefore, you should develop a plan for how to proceed with your product research. Often certain product segments can be excluded or certain areas circled anyway, because you will certainly decide here according to your interests.


First and foremost, a general brainstorming session is not wrong in order to even begin researching Amazon FBA products. What are the product segments that interest you and where do you see potential? Are there products that you can hardly find yourself and therefore want to offer? In which area do you already have previous knowledge or expertise? You should ask yourself all of these questions, as this will allow you to circle more and more areas that make sense. Talk about it with family, friends, acquaintances or colleagues. What are the products that you need, use, and may not find? You should write down all of your findings from these conversations in order to then develop concrete ideas and strategies.


If you want to sell your products on Amazon, it only makes sense that you continue your research there as well. It is also interesting which products are currently being sold the most on the platform. So what are the bestsellers here? Which products are particularly in demand? In order to be able to answer these questions, you should study the bestseller rank of the various categories in detail, which you can find under the additional product information on the product pages. This data gives you clues as to which Amazon FBA products have the highest sales potential and use them to estimate demand.


If you are on individual product pages, you will see the “Similar products” category below. There, Amazon displays the products that match your search term and the product viewed. You will either find similar competing products there or products that would complement your purchase. Amazon tries to encourage customers to make further purchases and at the same time offers the service of being able to compare products better. Take advantage of these ads and analyze which product groups are being bought together. There may be products that are offered in a set that would increase customer benefits. So derive from this what can possibly be sold together and therefore function as complementary goods.


In principle, it is also advisable to take a closer look at the general search results. To do this, you can enter various products or product categories into the search function at Amazon and see which search results Amazon shows you in the automatic search completion. Because this is based on the search queries that have been entered the most. So let yourself be inspired by the suggested Amazon search results and use this information to expand your research.


A particularly important tip when researching Amazon FBA products is the competition. If you have already circled a certain product or segment, it is important to observe and analyze the competition. What do their products look like? How can you differentiate yourself from it even more? What are the possible weaknesses but also the strengths of the competitors? See how customers rate the products and what defects may be there. Is that something you can pick up on? Do not only do research on Amazon, but also go to the websites of the competing companies.


Since there is not only Amazon as a well-known platform, but also eBay, Zalando , Otto and Co., you should also look around there. Which products are sold the most here? Are these different from those searched on Amazon? It can also be exciting to see what is happening abroad. Are there products there that are not available here in Germany? Sometimes this results in a niche that is not even apparent on the German market.


In order to perceive current trends and to be able to derive possible Amazon FBA products from them, it is worth taking a look at social media . The social networks can complement your research wonderfully, as the desire for a product often arises here before the product is even there. Here, too, it is an advantage not only to look at German profiles, but also to pay attention to trends from abroad. At the same time, you should note that trends sometimes only last for a while and then disappear again. So be careful and only use social media as a supplementary tool during your research.


Even outside the online world, you come across ideas and inspiration for suitable Amazon FBA products here and there. So feel free to take a look around in retail and talk to customers about their opinions on certain products. Also test out products yourself that you might want to sell. The self-test usually reveals exactly where the weaknesses are and which new features would make the products even better. So you get closer and closer to a suitable Amazon FBA product step by step.

Conclusion: Dive deep into the Amazon product world

By now you should have realized that choosing the right Amazon FBA products is not a quick and easy endeavor. Rather, it is a process in which you should take your time and do enough research. So dive very deeply into the many product worlds at Amazon and become a little Amazon expert. You can only approximately estimate whether there is a market, a target group and demand for your desired product if you have a sound knowledge of this. Therefore, this comprehensive analysis is one of the most important steps to a successful online business .

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