Top Products Imported from China to Canada

China is one of Canada’s largest trading partners, and a wide range of products are imported from China to Canada. The specific products that are imported can vary from year to year, but some of the top product categories historically imported by our clients from China to Canada include:

  1. Electronics and Electrical Equipment: This category includes items like smartphones, laptops, tablets, consumer electronics, and various electrical components.
  2. Machinery and Industrial Equipment: Industrial machinery, equipment, and parts for various industries, such as manufacturing and construction, are often imported from China.
  3. Clothing and Textiles: China is a major source of clothing and textiles for the Canadian market, including garments, fabrics, and footwear.
  4. Toys and Games: Toys, games, and recreational products are frequently imported from China, especially during holiday seasons.
  5. Furniture: A wide range of furniture items, including home and office furniture, is imported from China.
  6. Home and Kitchen Appliances: Kitchen appliances, home goods, and small household appliances like microwaves and vacuum cleaners are commonly imported.
  7. Plastics and Plastic Products: Plastic products, including packaging materials and consumer goods, are imported in large quantities.
  8. Steel and Metal Products: Steel, aluminum, and other metal products are imported for use in various industries, including construction and manufacturing.
  9. Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals: Chemicals and pharmaceutical products are also part of the import mix from China to Canada.
  10. Automotive Parts: Various automotive parts and components, such as tires, engines, and electronics, are imported for use in the Canadian automotive industry.
  11. Furniture and Home Decor: Items like furniture, lighting fixtures, and home decor accessories are commonly imported from China for resale in Canada.
  12. Footwear and Accessories: Shoes, bags, and fashion accessories are another significant category of imports from China.
  13. Medical Equipment and Supplies: Medical devices, equipment, and supplies, including personal protective equipment (PPE), are imported for healthcare purposes.
  14. Plastics and Rubber Products: Products made of plastics and rubber, including toys, packaging, and industrial materials, are also imported.