Doing Business with New Zealand

The Ten Commandments for Doing Business with New Zealand

The PaulSourcing agency has prepared ten recommendations for doing business with New Zealand for Czech entrepreneurs interested in business relations with New Zealand.

  1. Reticence New Zealanders can be reserved at first, especially with people they don’t know. However, once they develop a personal relationship with you, they are friendly, open and social.
  2. Negotiations In New Zealand, it is not a problem to arrange a meeting with top management even at large corporations. The condition remains that the other party is informed of the arrival in time.
  3. Holidays and holidays During December and January, it can be more difficult to make appointments due to the summer period and holidays.
  4. Making offers Be as specific and realistic as possible in the business offers you make to your New Zealand business partner. Bargaining on price is not customary, and unnecessary inconsistencies or ambiguities in the business proposal can discourage the New Zealand partner from cooperating.
  5. Punctuality Go to meetings and social events on time or a little earlier. Coming even a little bit later is not appropriate.
  6. New Zealand is not Australia When speaking, avoid comparing or confusing Australia with New Zealand in all aspects – whether you are talking about history, customs, culture, etc.
  7. Behavior When dealing in person, behave politely, with respect and respect for the other person. Overconfidence can harm further negotiations and future cooperation. It is a good idea to mention the family in passing during negotiations, avoid politics as a matter of principle.
  8. Business food Business breakfasts and lunches are preferred over evening meetings. They take place strictly without serving alcohol.
  9. Patience Patience pays off when communicating with your partner and during negotiations. Respect the principle of not rushing too much and not exaggerating prices. It is necessary to continuously communicate with the partner, to develop initiative from the Czech side.
  10. Innovation New Zealand is open to innovation . Present innovations and new technologies primarily as potential for quality improvement and cost savings.

Practical telephone numbers in the territory (emergency services, traffic police, firefighters, information lines, etc.)

Phone connection:

  • The country code of New Zealand is 64.

Area codes for selected cities:

  • 3 – Christchurch, Dunedin
  • 4 – Wellington, Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt
  • 6 – New Plymouth, Palmerston North
  • 7 – Hamilton, Rotorua
  • 9 – Auckland.

Important phone numbers:

  • police-emergency call – 111 (free of charge)
  • emergency service – 111 (free of charge)
  • fire brigade – 111 (free of charge)

Czech – New Zealand Business Association
Michal Kadlec – Executive Director
PO Box 35085, Auckland 0753
Tel. +64 9 476 7789
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

NZ Ministry of Economic Development
33 Bowen Street
PO Box 1473, Wellington
Tel. +64 4 472 0030
Fax +64 4 473 4638

Auckland Chamber of Commerce
Level 3, 100 Mayoral Drive
PO Box 47, Auckland
Tel. +64 9 309 6100
Fax +64 9 309 0081

Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce
Level 9, 109 Featherston Street
PO Box 1590, Wellington
Tel. +64 4 914 6500
Fax +64 4 914 6524

Export New Zealand
Level 1, 12-26 Swanson Street
PO Box 5099 Auckland
Tel. +64 9 309 9030
Fax: +64 9 309 9031

Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce
57 Kilmore Street
PO Box 359, Christchurch
Tel. +64 3 366 5096
Fax +64 3 379 5454

Internet information sources

  • – New Zealand Government
  • – Online guide to important internet addresses
  • – guide for immigrants
  • – Statistics NZ
  • – NZ Treasury
  • – New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
  • – Information on NZ history, culture, business, travel
  • – Tourist information about NZ, links to other useful addresses
  • – The Yellow Pages
  • – New Zealand Legislation
  • – New Zealand Law Society

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