Doing Business with Serbia


Practical telephone numbers (emergency services, police, firemen, information lines, etc.)

See contacts name of the subsection + other important phone numbers

  • police 192
  • firefighters 193
  • ambulance 194
  • emergency services 112
  • Information and Warning Service 1985
  • road service AMSS (Auto-moto Savez Srbije) and road service 1987. Calls to these numbers are free. Area code: + 381 (Republic of Serbia) – 011 (Belgrade, Serbia). For auto-moto service, we recommend contacting the auto-moto association in the Czech Republic – ÚAMK and ABA.

Other important phone numbers:

  • Towing service in Belgrade 311 12 56, 222 12 56;
  • Information on telephone numbers 11811;
  • Information Railways – Belgrade Main Station 011/360-28-99;
  • Information about rail connections abroad incl. RS is also provided by Czech Railways – international transport;
  • Air transport – Nikola Tesla Airport 011/2097-828
  • Bus transport, information Belgrade bus station 011/2636 299 and st. Lasta 0800 334 334 (free line).

Important web links and contacts

  • (main Serbian internet browser, also available in English version). These pages are well made and you can find the addresses of all other Serbian websites on them.
  • (exact address search)
  • (official website of the city of Belgrade)
  • (Belgrade public transport map)
  • (Belgrade airport) (connection from Belgrade bus station)
  • (train timetables)
  • (Office of the President of the Republic of Serbia)
  • (official website of the Serbian government)
  • (Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development)
  • (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management)
  • (Ministry of Mining and Energy)
  • (Ministry of Defense)
  • (Ministry of Culture)
  • (Ministry of Finance)
  • (Ministry of Economy) (Ministry of the Environment)

  • (Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure)
  • (Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications)
  • (Ministry of Justice)
  • (Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government)
  • (Ministry of Human Rights and Social Dialogue)
  • (Ministry of the Interior)
  • (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • (Ministry of European Integration)
  • (Ministry of Health)
  • (Ministry of Labour, Employment and Veterans and Social Affairs)
  • (Ministry of Demography and Family Care)
  • (Ministry of Youth and Sports)
  • (Ministry of Rural Care)
  • (Chamber of Commerce of Serbia)
  • (Development Agency of Serbia, focused on promoting investments in Serbia)
  • (National Bank of Serbia)
  • (tax administration)


PaulSourcing: Ten Commandments for Doing Business with Serbia

  1. Image The image of Serbia is clearly worse than reality. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful. Do not trust dubious companies and individuals who can arrange everything and have contacts everywhere. In the market environment, it is primarily the competitiveness of your product that decides.
  2. The diversity of the country Serbia is a very culturally diverse country , while the northern regions were part of Austria-Hungary, the southern part was controlled by the Ottoman Empire a hundred years ago, and ethnic minorities of the Muslim faith live here. There are also significant differences between the north and the south in the area of ​​economic development.
  3. Market research Critically assess whether your product can find application in the market , it is far from a hungry and undemanding market. An offer with the possibility of financing significantly increases the chance of success.
  4. Patience Be patient , don’t give in to unreasonable enthusiasm or skepticism. The Serbian market is promising, the largest in the Western Balkans, it strengthens the purchasing power of the population to 5 billion dollars sent by the diaspora every year, but at the same time it also represents a run to the next track.
  5. Fair dealing Do not inflate prices and act openly. Exaggerating the price is understood as dishonest behavior.
  6. Payments Beware of secondary insolvency and long repayment periods. Cash is the most expensive in Serbia If the company is willing to pay immediately, they often ask for a discount.
  7. Business partners Do not underestimate potential Serbian partners. They are aware of their price and usually come to the meeting with a good overview of your products, relations with partners in neighboring republics and competitor’s prices.
  8. Invitation to lunch the meeting usually ends with an invitation to lunch. Reciprocate the invitation when the opportunity is right.
  9. Approaching partners Time the approach of potential business partners appropriately and consider supporting it by participating in a local trade fair.
  10. Local lawyer Despite Serbia’s rapprochement with the EU, its law is still quite different. Use the services of a Serbian lawyer .


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