How to Find a Wholesaler in China?

Have you decided to purchase your goods from a wholesaler and now want to find a suitable dealer as a result? In the following article, we will explain to you which points you may have to pay attention to beforehand in order to carry out a secure and targeted transaction.

Before deciding to locate a wholesaler, you should know the following general current points:

  • Always buy a test sample before the actual main order in order to check the quality and the delivery condition.
  • In the B2C area, you can analyze your competing products and use a clever supplier search on platforms such as Alibaba and co. identify the suppliers and wholesalers. More about wholesale portals on our blog entry on the topic of wholesale portals . You can also use the option to locate defects and optimize your product accordingly.
  • Since many drophsipping companies rely on a wide range of products, it is also important to note that it can make sense to find a wholesaler who covers the entire product segment. One of these could be found with the help of the Alibaba platform, which we talked about in a blog post about the advantages and disadvantages of certain online trading platforms.

Textile wholesalers

In order to be able to import textiles appropriately, various framework conditions must first be clarified. What are the properties of the goods and how should they be obtained? For this it is very important to create a requirements sheet, then as a customer you often only get what you specify. Possible specification points here would be quality, design, seal and after-sales. In this sense, it is also important to consider whether existing designs should be used or whether your own can be created. Most wholesalers can only accept smaller imprints and deal less with more complex printed pieces.

Electronics wholesalers

Many entrepreneurs in the electronics sector can possibly talk about the jungle of rules of the EU, as well as DE guidelines. In order to be protected from possible problems of customers as well as competition, you have to obtain information about the necessary seals in advance. The classic example here would be the CE mark, but many smaller points such as the small electronics law are also important. If you still need help to identify the possible requirements, but still cannot commission a specialist, please contact the IHK.

If you are addressing a wholesaler outside the EU, we would also advise you to specify special customer requests only in percentages. Most wholesalers in the field of electrical appliances are only used to printing a logo or adapting the packaging, but beyond that only a few wholesalers can respond to customer requests.

Dropshipping wholesalers

Dropshipping is an upward trend in the company. Here it is specifically important to what extent the full film is operated. Does the wholesaler already take care of the entire picking and dispatch of the goods and thereby facilitate the work process, but requires a payment for this, or can the respective work be carried out by the founding team? We would always recommend sending it yourself when starting a business, if there is enough time, as this can result in relatively large cost savings in most cases.

Didn’t find a suitable wholesaler? We can help you!

Unfortunately, it is ubiquitous that the search for a supplier can be tedious. A procurement agency can help you find a suitable manufacturer without the hassle and headache.


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