How to Get More Views on TikTok

TikTok is currently one of the social media platforms with the most development potential . The social network, which is particularly popular with the younger generation, is characterized by its fast pace, fun content and, above all, the lively dance routines that motivate thousands of teenagers to imitate. If you already have an account on TikTok but still have relatively little reach, you can benefit from these nine ultimate TikTok tips to generate more followers, fans and likes.

TikTok briefly explained

Before we get to the best TikTok tips and tricks for more reach, let’s first fundamentally clarify what TikTok is and how the network works. TikTok is a social video network that originally came from Asia and offers users the opportunity to upload and share short music videos they have created. Often the users dance in these videos or sing along with the music. The functions of the app are reminiscent of the social network Instagram , only that videos instead of photos are in the foreground. What the platforms have in common is that users can network, like, share and comment on posts and regularly fill their profile with new, entertaining content.

Basically there are numerous TikTok users that you can reach with your content on the platform. However, almost 70 percent of these users are between 16 and 24 years old – that is, relatively young. Therefore, as a founder and entrepreneur, you should carefully consider whether you can reach your target group on this platform . But TikTok is currently changing and more and more companies are trying to gain a foothold there, which is why you should consider to what extent you want to use the app as a communication platform. The social network offers companies whose target group includes younger generations particularly good opportunities to place content and messages.

The 9 best TikTok tips for more reach

If you already have a profile but your number of followers is limited, increasing your reach should be your number one goal. Because no matter how good your content is on TikTok – if nobody sees it, it is of no use to you. So that you can get more fans quickly, we have put together nine TikTok tips for you, with which you can record more reach in a short time.


In order to get a lot of likes for your videos, the videos have to be designed in an appealing way. It starts with the background. Try to make sure to find a location for the recording where it doesn’t look like you recorded the clip “just quickly”. Likewise, the quality of the camera should not be too bad, since no one wants to look at bad pictures in bad lighting conditions. So make sure that you coordinate the location, clothing and also the content of the video so that more users “get stuck” with your videos.


TikTok offers you many different filters and sound effects. These not only give your video a different look, but also attract more attention. Basically, this TikTok tip follows the first: Use effects to make your videos even more appealing, colorful and entertaining. Especially the younger generation, who is mainly represented among the users, is enthusiastic about the effects and filters. This is also reflected in the huge range of effects. At the same time, however, you should keep in mind that your staging and design of the video fits your content and your company.


The same applies here, as on almost all social networks: Be creative and authentic. Of course, the app also lives from trends that are picked up in numerous videos, but you should always create your own creative content. Make sure that your videos are different from others and stand out from the crowd. So try to create a certain recognition value so that users and followers can assign your videos directly.


TikTok is a social network and therefore only works because users like, share, comment and consume content. So be active and don’t use TikTok as a one-way street. If you only pull out one video at a time, you cannot really communicate with your users. But not only communication is a decisive factor, watching other videos from followers, competitors and general users is also important. So you can always find out which trends are developing and at the same time you can get inspiration for the content of your own videos. Like, share and communicate other videos in order to use all the possibilities of networking.


About hashtags looking many users of Instagram exactly the content that want to find them. It is therefore wise to use hashtags under which your post should then be found. Just as actively as you use hashtags on Instagram, you should also do this on TikTok. Because here, too, users can find your videos via hashtags. Therefore, you should choose this appropriately and specify it in the description of the video. Especially if you take part in challenges with your video, which in turn is found via the certain challenge hashtag.


Challenges are elementary if you want to be successful on TikTok. Therefore, one of the essential TikTok tips is: Be sure to take part in challenges. Mostly they are based on certain filters and effects that the app offers. Or they imply a very specific action that must be carried out. Once the users have created the challenge video and used the associated hashtag, the video will be displayed on the challenge page. Via this page, other users will then be made aware of the challenge and possibly also take part in it. So if you want to be seen on TikTok, you should take part in one or the other challenge.


Many social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, offer live functions. TikTok also enables you to communicate live with your followers and to enter into a dialogue. You should also think about a concept in which situations a live video is worthwhile and what exactly you are filming during the stream. You should be careful with live videos, but at the same time they also offer you the opportunity to generate more attention and thus more reach for the video.


Your goal should be to get your videos onto the Discover page. The videos on this page, the heart of TikTok, are selected by the app itself or the hashtags that the videos must have in order to be displayed on this page. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on this page and register which content is currently trending.


Similar to Instagram, you can also convert your profile to a pro account on TikTok. This has advantages, especially the analytics data. So you can see exactly who is consuming your content, when the most active times are and other valuable information. Using this data, you can tailor your content even more appropriately to the target group. Factors such as the playback time of your videos are also important for the TikTok algorithm. Because the longer the users look at your content, the better this affects the reach.

Conclusion: with little TikTok tips for more reach

So you can see that even small TikTok tips and tricks can ensure that your reach on the app increases. Often all you need to do is simply observe trending topics, sometimes you have to make sure that your videos stand out a little more from the crowd. Just make sure that you create your content with fun, creativity and a feeling for the target group so that the followers and fans come almost by themselves.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about TikTok tips for more reach

How does TikTok work?

TikTok is a social video network that allows users to upload and share short music videos they have created. The functions of the app are reminiscent of the social network Instagram, because here, too, users can network, like, share and comment on posts and regularly fill their profile with new entertaining content.

Which target group can I reach via TikTok?

Almost 70 percent of TikTok users are between 16 and 24 years old. The social network offers companies whose target group includes younger generations particularly good opportunities to place content and messages.

How can I increase my reach on TikTok?

Tip 1: Attractive videos
Tip 2: Effects and sounds
Tip 3: Creativity
Tip 4: Activity
Tip 5: Hashtags
Tip 6: Challenges
Tip 7: Live function
Tip 8: Discover page
Tip 9: Analyze your content

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