How to Sell on eBay Classifieds

After starting a business or a website, you ask yourself how you can best attract customers for your service or product. Many people immediately think of search engine optimization or advertisements on social media platforms. But did you know that you can also use eBay classifieds very well to acquire new customers? We’ll tell you how it works.

What is eBay Classifieds?

EBay classifieds is a kind of online flea market where everyone can sell their own things. Unlike eBay, eBay Classifieds is completely free. So it doesn’t matter whether you place an ad yourself or buy a product. There are 15 categories on eBay classified ads, which can be divided into numerous sub-categories. So everyone can find the right category for their product here. But not only items are offered for sale here. The categories “Jobs” and “Services” show that you can also look for part-time jobs there.

Acquire new customers with eBay classified ads

There are many ways of acquiring new customers that you have probably already tried – but eBay classifieds was definitely not one of them, right? The typical methods here are hours of phone calls or advertisements via social media . The success is often limited here, as you do not necessarily reach the customers who would be interesting for your product.

One of the ways that you can use to get even more customers is through advertising on platforms such as eBay Classifieds. Here we speak of SEA (Search Engine Advertising). First and foremost, AdWords are very important so that your product or service can be found on Google. After all, most people do their searches on Google. One of the great advantages of search engine ads is the high level of topic relevance. You can decide according to your wishes, for which search term your advertisement should appear. As a result, you can avoid wastage that you would have to accept with conventional advertising. The following advantages bring new customer acquisition on eBay classifieds:

  • With eBay classified ads you can achieve a high level of accuracy by inserting ads using search terms. Consequently, this means that your ad will only appear if the person types the search term in the eBay search bar and confirms it. Thus you can increase the chances of success.
  • Only you have full control over the costs incurred. You only incur costs when someone actually clicks on your ad. Only you decide how much money should be spent per click. As a result, you can set your daily budget and always have an overview.
  • With ads on eBay Classifieds you can achieve a high reach. There are millions of searches on eBay Germany. This is perfect for you as it can increase your chances of someone clicking on your ad.
  • The geographic focus by region and target group is particularly beneficial for your business. You can choose which area you want your ads to appear in when someone searches for a similar product.
  • You generate more traffic for your website.

Acquiring new eBay customers – e-commerce

If you are in the field of e-commerce , acquiring new customers via eBay classifieds will be just the thing for you. We would like to show you some possibilities that could be worthwhile for you in the area of ​​new customer acquisition on eBay classifieds. EBay SEO is initially completely free for you, which allows you to optimize your article presentation. In plain English, this helps you get eBay listed. You have to pay attention to the following points:

  • Only use search terms (keywords) that are also used by the customers. The best thing to do is to incorporate the keywords directly into the title of the product so that your article and, later, you as an entrepreneur can be found more quickly.
  • Always rely on a professional article presentation and always use image material that catches the eye. You have to make sure that the footage is also sophisticated. When presenting an article, it is important to pay attention to spelling and good sentence structure. Only cleanly written text with neat pictures creates a serious first impression.
  • If possible, the product texts should match the search terms and the keywords should encourage people to buy.

Acquire new customers with customer opinions

Now we come to another possibility for you, how you can acquire new customers with eBay classified ads. Regardless of whether it is on eBay, Amazon or generally on the Internet: Customer ratings are extremely important in order to be able to acquire further customers. It might sound absurd for customers to bring new customers. However, it is true, because many people first look at the reviews and use them to decide whether or not to order something from the seller.

You are probably familiar with such a situation yourself: You are looking for any product on the Internet and you find it on eBay. What do you do first Right, you look at the customer opinions and reviews.

Furthermore, the profile is very important and meaningful. Your eBay profile has to be flawless and ideally equipped with a 100 percent customer rating so that you can acquire even more from new eBay customers.

A picture reveals more than a thousand words

This saying fits like a fist. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. You certainly want to not only read about a product, but also see something. As a customer, you want to get a clear picture from which you can see all the features of the product. Bad photo material that is done unprofessionally can even be counterproductive. We therefore recommend using a good camera and taking decent pictures of the product being sold. If you are not able to get good photos on your own, we recommend that you visit a photographer and have him take good pictures. The same goes for the item description. If you belong to someone who is not eloquent, we recommend that you consult a copywriter. For a relatively small fee, copywriters write article descriptions that increase your seriousness. As a result, you will be able to acquire new customers.


As a newcomer to the business world, it is initially difficult to acquire customers. There is a lack of money and experience. But the Internet offers many good ways of getting to the customers you need without great expense and without a lot of experience. Diligence, perseverance and motivation to do something good are the most important requirements that will bring you many customers quickly. Make full use of the possibilities of the Internet and after a very short time you will notice how you are getting more and more new customers – also via eBay classifieds.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about new customer acquisition on eBay

What is eBay Classifieds?

eBay classifieds is a kind of online flea market where everyone can sell their own stuff. In contrast to eBay, eBay classifieds can be used completely free of charge.

Is the eBay Classifieds App free?

Yes, the eBay Classifieds App can be downloaded for free.

What does the eBay Classified Ads Buyer Protection cost?

As a seller, there are no fees for you on eBay classified ads if the buyer chooses the “Pay securely” option. If a buyer uses buyer protection, you automatically benefit from free seller protection. As a buyer, you have to pay a fee. The buyer protection fee consists of a flat rate of € 0.35 and 4.5% of the purchase price.

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