Fruugo is an international e-commerce platform founded in 2006, headquartered in the United Kingdom. It operates as a global online marketplace connecting consumers with a wide range of products from various sellers and retailers around the world. Fruugo’s platform is designed to provide a seamless shopping experience for users by offering a single, unified shopping cart and facilitating cross-border transactions. It allows customers to browse and purchase products from different countries, with the platform handling currency conversion and international shipping logistics. Fruugo’s focus is on providing a convenient and accessible way for consumers to shop for a diverse array of products from different regions while simplifying the complexities of cross-border e-commerce.

Our Sourcing Services for Fruugo eCommerce

Selecting Suppliers

  • Identify potential suppliers: Research and identify reliable suppliers who can provide the products that meet the Fruugo seller’s requirements.
  • Negotiate terms: Negotiate pricing, MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), payment terms, and other conditions with potential suppliers to ensure a mutually beneficial arrangement.
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Selecting Suppliers Fruugo

Product Quality Control

  • Conduct product inspections: Perform quality control inspections on the products before shipment to ensure they meet the specified standards and comply with Fruugo’s requirements.
  • Implement quality assurance processes: Work with suppliers to establish and maintain quality assurance processes to minimize defects and ensure consistent product quality.
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Product Quality Control Fruugo

Private Label and White Label

  • Ensure compliance with Fruugo’s requirements: Make sure that products are labeled and packaged according to Fruugo’s guidelines and any legal or regulatory requirements.
  • Work with suppliers on packaging design: Collaborate with suppliers to develop packaging that is both attractive to customers and protective of the products during shipping.
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Private Label and White Label Fruugo

Warehousing and Shipping

  • Coordinate logistics: Manage the logistics of shipping products from the supplier to the Fruugo fulfillment center or directly to customers. This involves selecting appropriate shipping methods, negotiating shipping rates, and tracking shipments.
  • Monitor shipping timelines: Ensure that products are shipped on time to meet Fruugo’s delivery standards and to maintain customer satisfaction.
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Warehousing and Dropshipping Fruugo

What is Fruugo?

Fruugo is a global online marketplace that facilitates international shopping by connecting buyers and sellers from various countries. The platform allows consumers to browse and purchase products from different retailers around the world, offering a wide range of items such as electronics, clothing, home goods, and more.

Fruugo aims to create a seamless shopping experience for customers by providing a single platform where they can find and buy products from multiple sellers, regardless of the sellers’ locations. The platform typically handles the transaction process, including currency conversion and international shipping logistics.

Step-by-step Guide to Selling on Fruugo

Selling on Fruugo is a great way to expand your e-commerce business and reach customers in multiple countries. Fruugo is a global online marketplace that allows retailers to list and sell their products to a wide international audience. Here are the steps to start selling on Fruugo:

  1. Create an Account:
    • Go to the Fruugo website (
    • Click on the “Seller” or “Sell with us” option.
    • Sign up for a seller account. You’ll need to provide your business information, including your company name, contact details, and tax information.
  2. Fulfill the Requirements:
    • Fruugo may have specific requirements for sellers, including product quality standards, shipping times, and customer service. Make sure you can meet these requirements before you start selling.
  3. Product Listings:
    • After your account is approved, you can start creating product listings. You’ll need to provide detailed product information, including titles, descriptions, prices, and images. Make sure your listings are accurate and well-optimized to attract potential buyers.
  4. Manage Inventory:
    • Keep your product listings up to date by managing your inventory. If a product is out of stock, update your listings accordingly to avoid disappointing customers.
  5. Pricing and Currency:
    • Be mindful of the currency in which you list your products, as Fruugo supports multiple currencies. Ensure your pricing is competitive and takes into account any currency conversion fees.
  6. Shipping and Delivery:
    • Decide on your shipping strategy. Fruugo may have guidelines for shipping times and methods. Make sure you can fulfill orders within their specified timeframes.
  7. Customer Service:
    • Provide excellent customer service. Respond to customer inquiries promptly and professionally. Fruugo values sellers who provide a positive buying experience.
  8. Payment Processing:
    • Fruugo typically handles payment processing on your behalf. Ensure your bank and payment details are correctly configured in your seller account.
  9. Fulfill Orders:
    • When you receive orders, fulfill them promptly and accurately. Make sure to package products securely to prevent damage during shipping.
  10. Manage Returns and Refunds:
    • Fruugo has a return policy, and you’ll need to handle returns and refunds according to their guidelines.
  11. Monitor Performance:
    • Continuously monitor your seller performance metrics, such as order defect rate, late dispatch rate, and customer feedback. Strive to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.
  12. Expand and Optimize:
    • As you gain experience and traction on Fruugo, consider expanding your product catalog and optimizing your listings based on customer feedback and market trends.
  13. Marketing and Promotion:
    • You can also consider running promotions or advertising campaigns to increase your visibility and sales on Fruugo.
  14. Compliance and Taxes:
    • Ensure that you comply with all tax regulations and import/export laws when selling internationally.
  15. Stay Informed:
    • Keep yourself updated on Fruugo’s policies and any changes they make to their platform.

Selling on Fruugo can be a rewarding endeavor if you’re willing to invest time and effort into creating quality listings, providing excellent customer service, and maintaining a strong seller reputation.

How to Get Positive Reviews from Buyers

  1. Quality Products:
    • Ensure that the products you list on Fruugo are of high quality and meet or exceed customer expectations.
  2. Accurate Product Descriptions:
    • Provide detailed and accurate product descriptions, including key features, specifications, and any relevant information that can help customers make informed decisions.
  3. Clear and Attractive Images:
    • Use high-quality images that clearly represent the products. Multiple images from different angles can give buyers a better understanding of what they are purchasing.
  4. Competitive Pricing:
    • Price your products competitively to attract buyers. Consider offering promotions or discounts to make your listings more appealing.
  5. Fast Shipping:
    • Ship orders promptly. Fruugo buyers appreciate fast and reliable shipping. Clearly communicate shipping times and provide tracking information when possible.
  6. Responsive Customer Service:
    • Respond quickly to customer inquiries and provide helpful and friendly customer service. Address any issues or concerns promptly to show that you value customer satisfaction.
  7. Clear Return Policy:
    • Clearly communicate your return policy. A hassle-free return process can contribute to positive reviews as it builds trust with customers.
  8. Request Feedback:
    • After the customer has received the product, consider sending a polite follow-up email requesting feedback. Let them know that you value their opinion and are interested in hearing about their experience.
  9. Handle Negative Feedback Professionally:
    • In the event of negative feedback, respond professionally and try to resolve the issue. Show potential buyers that you are committed to customer satisfaction.
  10. Stay Informed About Fruugo Policies:
    • Familiarize yourself with Fruugo’s policies and guidelines. Complying with the platform’s rules ensures a positive selling experience and can lead to better reviews.
  11. Encourage Reviews Without Pressure:
    • Encourage buyers to leave reviews but avoid being overly pushy. Let them know that their feedback is appreciated, but don’t pressure them to leave a positive review.
  12. Consistent Branding:
    • Maintain a consistent and professional branding across your Fruugo store. This includes your store logo, product listings, and communication with customers.

FAQs about Selling on Fruugo

  1. How do I start selling on Fruugo?
    • Visit the Fruugo website and look for a “Sell on Fruugo” or similar option.
    • Create a seller account and provide the necessary information about your business.
  2. What types of products can I sell on Fruugo?
    • Fruugo is a marketplace that accommodates a wide range of product categories. However, there may be restrictions on certain types of products. Check Fruugo’s guidelines for the specific categories they support.
  3. What are the fees associated with selling on Fruugo?
    • Fruugo typically charges sellers fees for each successful sale. These fees may include a combination of listing fees, commission on sales, and other charges. Check the fee structure on Fruugo’s official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.
  4. How does shipping work on Fruugo?
    • Fruugo is known for its global marketplace, so you’ll need to have international shipping capabilities. Provide accurate shipping information, including estimated delivery times, to meet customer expectations.
  5. What payment methods are supported on Fruugo?
    • Fruugo usually supports various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and other online payment options. Make sure to check the current list of supported payment methods.
  6. How does Fruugo handle returns and customer service?
    • Familiarize yourself with Fruugo’s policies regarding returns and customer service. Understand the process for handling customer inquiries and returns to maintain a positive seller rating.
  7. Is there a seller support system on Fruugo?
    • Fruugo typically provides a seller support system to assist with any issues or questions you may have. Check the seller portal or contact Fruugo’s support for assistance.
  8. Can I integrate my existing e-commerce platform with Fruugo?
    • Some marketplaces offer integration options for popular e-commerce platforms. Check if Fruugo has partnerships or integrations with the platform you use.
  9. How are taxes handled on Fruugo?
    • Understand the tax implications of selling on Fruugo, especially if you’re selling internationally. Check with tax professionals or Fruugo’s guidelines for accurate information.