How to Start a Youtube Channel for Business

In order to be successful with a business on the Internet, you can use different possibilities. In addition to the classic website, video marketing is a promising method of making money on the Internet . The reason for this is that moving images is still the most popular way for potential buyers to find out about products or services. Ideally, such videos are entertaining at the same time. It has been proven that the incentive to buy is much higher through moving images compared to texts or photos. You can also use this fact for yourself as the operator of a YouTube business and do not have to invest a lot of money.

YouTube channel as the basis for a business

In order to post videos on YouTube and earn money on the Internet, you first have to set up your own channel. To do this, simply log in there and create your own profile. You can then use this to publish your self-made videos and use certain measures to significantly increase the reach. High quality videos are an important prerequisite for success. To improve their quality, you need good hardware and some helpful programs.


A video is only good if the sound is first class. So that the user understands every word, you should use a high-quality microphone during video production. There are special podcasting microphones that are tailored to the requirements of video shooting.


ScreenFlow’s software offers you all the functions you need to improve your videos. For around 110 euros you can get:

  • Highest quality records
  • User interface for intuitive use
  • Tools for tutorials
  • Partial screen recordings
  • iOS recordings
  • Animations
  • Subtitle Editor
  • GIFs (animated)
  • Large numbers of export settings

With this software you can optimize all areas of your video and also upload it to YouTube right from the program.


If you don’t want to appear in your videos all the time and are looking for an alternative, you can surprise your users on YouTube with animated videos. Animaker’s software offers you everything you need to create funny, exciting and captivating videos in this area:

  • numerous props & characters
  • Infographic icons
  • animated graphics & diagrams
  • different fonts
  • Text templates
  • Sound effects
  • music

There are different versions of this program. You can get the business version for 396 euros (12 x 33 euros) if you pay the amount in advance once for the whole year. If you want to pay monthly, the software costs just under 51 euros.


A great way to create cheap videos for your YouTube business is with the Facebook Live feature. If you stay in contact with your followers there through videos, you can use them later for YouTube. All you have to do is download your live video to your PC and then upload it again to YouTube. The small disadvantage here is that the picture and sound quality of the video may not be as good as with specially created and post-processed video material. However, you can still use the free video material to get started in your YouTube business. If you still want to optimize it by editing images, use Camtasia. This software, available for around 169 euros, allows you to use an intuitive editor, subtitles, various effects and animations to optimize your post previously created on Facebook Live.


So it only takes a small amount of money to start your business on YouTube. The programs and tools mentioned above are only a small selection. You can also find video creation software on the Internet, some of which are even available for free download. Here are some of these programs:

  • Debut Pro Edition (21 euros)
  • Videolean Medium (42 euros per month)
  • Magisto Business (34 euros per month; for video creation with the smartphone)

There are also many more providers of editing software that make optimizing your videos much easier with their numerous functions. The most famous are also

  • Cyberlink Powerdirector (80 euros)
  • Adobe Premium Elements (99 euros)
  • Magix Video Deluxe Premium (130 euros)
  • Vegas Motive Studio (80 euros)
  • Corel video studio (70 euros)

All programs are available in German, the prices quoted come from the respective product websites.


You want to draw attention to your business with your videos. No matter how good software you can use to create it, if you don’t provide content, the audience’s attention will be quickly lost. Most importantly, the content of your video clips must provide important information and, if possible, entertainment to those who watch them. Even the first ten seconds of a video decide whether the viewers stay attentive or have already wandered on in their minds. Therefore, the content of your videos should have the following characteristics:

  • funny
  • original
  • exciting
  • emotionally touching

Ideally, they evoke all of these feelings in your viewers at the same time. The most successful are videos that are filled with valuable information in an interesting way and thus offer the famous added value. You can also inspire your customers with your YouTube business if they offer them problem solutions. Always set up your productions in such a way that the customer immediately recognizes that the video leads them directly from a problem to the solution. In addition, the video should state the core message right from the start, i.e. the product you are offering, the brand being advertised or a company to be recommended. In this way, you also pass it on to those who do not leave the video at the end.

Spread your YouTube videos

In addition to informative and well-staged content, distributing your videos as widely as possible also plays a role in success. You notice that it is again about the already familiar topic of traffic. The social networks offer you the basis for widespread dissemination. You can not only post your videos on YouTube, but also share them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Co. This is how you make sure that they are seen by many. The more people see them and find them helpful, the more friends they’ll tell about your video. In this way, a snowball gets rolling, which ensures that more and more people watch your videos and in the end buy the product offered, click on the integrated affiliate link or use your service.

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