What is an import and export company?

Perhaps you come across the term import export company on the internet or at work. This term is therefore to be found more in the vernacular. But what exactly does an export import company stand for and what tasks does such a company carry out? We try to provide clarification in this article.

The most important points summarized:

  • An export import company is assigned to the wholesale trade
  • In terms of import, commercial goods are mostly inexpensive production goods, whereas in export they are specially manufactured goods
  • In rare cases, domestic trade can also be understood here
  • The object of the enterprise of an import export company are mostly bureaucratic as well as organizational matters

If you would like to read explanations on the respective points, we will inform you about said points in the following article.

Export research

If you are planning to export your product, you may need a variety of information about the legal and cultural realities of each country. Can the product be exported at all, and if so, under what conditions? Is the product design safe to transfer in China? Such considerations can go as far as the direction of writing, a problem with which many an entrepreneur has created a bad image.

For example, a series of images showing a person solving a problem with the help of the advertised product would show in Arabic how he got the problem because of it. Furthermore, an export import company checks which logistical conditions need to be clarified. This means that the customer can sell a product in other markets without having to worry about bureaucracy and quality management.

Import research

In order to ensure the import of a product, various steps must be taken: First of all, it is important to define which properties the product must have, which forecast purchase quantity is to be applied and how the transport conditions (keyword: Incoterms) are to be determined.

As a second step, an export import company would now look for a suitable manufacturer and also check this. Which certificates are available and can they be double-checked? How safe is the manufacturer?

For example, export import companies mostly use Incoterms in the sense of the FOB and CIF, whereby the transfer is mainly carried out with the help of air or sea freight.

Handling of customs

Whether you are planning to import the required goods or export your own, you cannot avoid customs processing and since this is a not inconsiderable amount of work, import export companies or the associated logisticians usually take on some of the tasks.


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